About Us

About Us


With a vibrant history of modern designs on traditional silhouettes, J SHOES embodies the essence of craftsmanship and true character. The collection takes inspiration from unique personalities and designs shoes with as much character as the people who wear them.


AW15 mens image


To create the direction for the AW15 campaign, J SHOES worked with London based artist Matt Canning, illustrating this seasons inspiration through his playful and unique perspective.

A reminder to be yourself and live your life with character. 





Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.06.59 PMTHE PRODUCT

Each pair is meticulously designed and engineered in a process celebrating the quality and individuality of crafted products. J SHOES design team focuses on a reinterpretation of traditional styles using leathers and fabrics are sourced from all around the world. They’re selected for their distinctive colors, textures and natural distinctions, so that character lies at the heart of every pair before they’ve even been taken out of their box.

For J SHOES, shoemaking is an art form, there’s as much excitement during production as there is in seeing the finished product. Within a carefully structured process, whether its hand-burnished, buffed or waxed, stained or polished, each stage is performed at its highest quality.

The production process is only the start of each shoe’s character development. As they are worn, they will take on their own interesting variations as they accompany the owner on their journey.