Shoe Care


J SHOES are designed using crafted leathers sourced worldwide. Each texture is unique and with proper care can yield many years of wear. Please refer to the tips below to keep your J SHOES looking their best!

Cleaning Leather Uppers

A few quick steps to clean your leather uppers:

1.    Remove your shoelaces

2.  We recommend placing a shoe tree in your shoes to help maintain the shape during the cleaning process.

3. Gently remove excess dirt with a clean cloth or shoe brush.

4. Be sure to remove any debris from the soles of the shoes as well.

Conditioning Leather Uppers

Most of the J SHOES leather uppers can be treated with a cream to erase minor scratches and scuffs. If you choose to apply yourself, it is imperative that you test the cream on a small discreet area prior to applying to the entire shoe. If you prefer to take them to a cobbler or leather expert, please encourage them to do the same.

Leather Soles

As with any high-end leather soled footwear, proper maintenance must be performed by a trusted cobbler to extend the lifetime of your shoes. Although our soles are made with several layers of dense leather, constant use will eventually wear down the soles. If you intend to wear your leather soled shoes or boots on a regular basis, consider taking them to a cobbler to have reinforcements installed. This can be done even after the shoes have been worn.


Suede is slightly more high maintenance than leather, as scuff marks can not be polished away.  A suede eraser can be used to get rid of small blemishes, followed with a suede brush to restore the nap.

Wet Shoes

Soaking wet shoes can be dried naturally. They can be stuffed with paper to maintain shape while drying and stored in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct heat as it will cause cracking in the leather.

Additional Tips

-Place shoes in a shoe tree to help preserve and maintain their shape. Cedar shoe trees can help absorb moisture from the leather as well as diminish the appearance of fine lines.

-Wrap shoes in a protective shoe bag while traveling

-Avoid wearing new leather soled shoes in wet conditions. Wear your new leather soled shoes on a dry day to allow grit build up to form a protective layer on the leather sole.

-When selecting a shoe brush for polishes, we recommend choosing a brush that is similar tones as the leather-for polishing darker brown/black leather opt for a dark colored brush.

-For Water Protection-spray your new pair with a water protector before wearing outdoors.

-Utilize a shoe horn to protect the backs of the shoes keeping their shape fit when sliding on and off.

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